Fix it all with  Mila Skin Double-Sided Clear Tape

Fix it all with Mila Skin Double-Sided Clear Tape

Have you ever heard friends talking about the glory of double sided tape and the miracles it can make on your style? Well, the double sided tape, most commonly called fashion tape, is your best source to keep the clothes in place. Use it for keeping a revealing neckline or men’s tie in place; or use it to keep the dress lines or low cut tops in place without moving when lifting the arms or moving throughout the day or night events. It really adds that extra polish to any look, for both women and men. 

The variety of brands is unlimited, but not all actual versions have the best quality adhesive that is both safe for skin and strong enough to attach to clothes right and tight and in place.  Mila Skin double stick tape holds securely to your clothes and skin, and it’s waterproof. Unlike other brands, Mila Skin fashion tape it’s gentle to the skin and peels off gently without harming the skin. 

Does Mila Skin Fashion Tape work well with all fabrics? 

Most fabrics work well with Mila Skin double-sided tape; but we recommend being extra careful with velvet, wool and embellished fabrics with stones. Another factor that affects Mila Skin’s fashion tape effectiveness is the skin prep! Lotions and oil can make it tricky to hold. 

What is the best size for double-sided tape? 

The market offers a wide variety of choices when it comes to double-sided tape, available in various sizes. However, not all of these options cater to the needs of both women and men. You'll find different widths, spanning from 1 inch to 2 inches (approximately 2.5 to 5 cm). After testing on individuals of both genders, we've identified that the most practical strip size is 1.5 inches by 3 inches. This size effectively covers a sufficient surface area, offering a secure hold without being noticeable. The 1.5-inch width is recommended as it permits the stacking of strips when necessary to cover larger areas. Mila Skin's double-sided tape is precisely sized at 1.5 inches by 3 inches, adhering to this ideal dimension.

Creative Uses of Mila Skin Double-Sided Tape: 

Use Mila Skin double sided strip for many ocassions:

  1. Attach clothes to skin. Secure your favorite clothing pieces to clean skin. Apply one or more strips as needed.
  2. Fake a hem. Use a strip of tape to shorten the cuff length to where you want. 
  3. Hide bra straps for a sleek look.. Just use a single strip of Mila Skin double-sided tape on the top of your bra strap and then gently press it against the inner fabric of your shirt. This discreet method will keep your bra straps out of sight.
  4. Close gaps between buttons. A small square of fashion tape can prevent a blouse from puffing out and revealing skin in the gap between buttons.
  5. Instantly repair buttons. Did a button pop off?. Use double sided tape to temporarily secure your shirt instead of rushing to the tailor or searching for the sewing kit. If you’re feeling crafty, you might even attach the button on top of a small square of tape for a speedy sleek fix. 
  6. Customize the fit of your shirt. Add a personal touch to your look by rolling up your shirt sleeves with the help of double-sided tape. Alternatively, customize the length of your shirt by self-tailoring the bottom. You can achieve this by affixing strips of tape to make it shorter or smaller from the bottom.
  7. Keep your tie or bow in place. To keep your tie or bow securely in place, simply attach tiny pieces of double-sided tape and press firmly. It will look neat and crisp in case of a windy day!
  8. Maintain decency and classiness while wearing sexy cutouts. Sexy cutout shirts and dresses look fantastic but they quickly shift and slip while you sit or move around. To prevent any unexpected exposure, use the double sided tape of 1.5” x 3” to secure the dress to your skin in areas where it might shift. 
  9. Keep Clip-on earrings in place. Secure the elegant clip-on earrings with a small piece of Mila Skin’s Fashion tape to prevent them from falling on red carpet events, the dancing floor, or elegant occasions. 
  10. Enhance the look of your favorite shirt.  Elevate the same shirt with a fresh look each time you wear it by attaching your favorite accessory using a piece of double-sided tape. Popular choices include flowers, bows, and stones! Favorite items are flowers, bows and stones!
  11. Secure the end of your belt in place. Belt ends won’t stick out anymore. Simply stick a strip of double sided tape on the belt and secure the end down. 
  12. Avoid shoes rubbing on the skin. Shoes can cause blisters when rubbing on the skin, specially during city walking, or running. Mila Skin double sided tape is safe to use as a way to prevent skin-shoe friction. Attach a strip of tape to the socks so they don’t move while walking around.

The uses of Mila Skin Clear Fashion Tape are unlimited. You can creatively use it for any occasion as you need it. The most remarkable aspect of our product is its quality, with each strip providing a secure hold without causing any harm to the skin when applied or removed.