About us

"City fashion-forward trends make women value the importance of comfortable clothing" 

Women’s curves are picky and we know it

I came across my friends' struggles in search of an invisible bra that wouldn't cause discomfort when they wore snug-fitting clothes. Interestingly, my best friend even had a frustrating experience with her wedding dress, as it kept revealing the bra straps.

City fashion-forward trends make women value the importance of comfortable clothing. 
When the weather gets hot, it's all about sporting t-shirts, tank tops, and strapless shirts. However, when it comes to special occasions like weddings, proms, or a Friday night out, us ladies want to secretly show confidence and style. It became evident that women of all ages were faced with the challenge of finding the perfect bra shape for each specific occasion, all in the pursuit of enhancing their outfit choices with confidence.

We found a problem to solve and a job to enjoy!

We believe in the law of attraction but nothing happens without hard work and dedication. At a certain point, I had a strong desire to create something, although I wasn't exactly sure what that something was. It was only after witnessing the frustrations of many friends and close relatives dealing with issues such as dirty-glue ruining their nippies or bra lines showing when they wore tank tops that I discovered my purpose and an urgent need to address this problem.

MILA SKIN was born from the fusion of my intense love for fashion and a strong desire to create a positive impact with women, all while I was struggling with the monotony of my office job.

Our Mission

At Mila Skin, our mission is to empower women to embrace their true potential and feel unshakably confident in every aspect of their lives. We are dedicated to fostering a world where women of all backgrounds, ages, and experiences are inspired and supported to confidently pursue their aspirations, embrace their unique qualities, and realize their dreams.


Inspire and uplift women by sharing stories of resilience, achievement, and empowerment, helping them recognize their innate strength and potential.


Provide knowledge, tools, and resources that foster personal growth, self-awareness, and skill development, enabling women to navigate challenges and make informed choices.


Offer unwavering support, mentorship, and a sense of community, creating a safe and nurturing space where women can share experiences, challenges, and successes.


Champion a culture of inclusivity and diversity, where women from all walks of life can find common ground, support, and understanding.


Advocate for policies and practices that promote gender equality, opportunities, and empowerment, ensuring that women have the resources and support they need to pursue their aspirations confidently.


We envision a world where every woman stands tall, confident in her abilities, and ready to pursue her dreams. Together, we strive to break barriers, build bridges, and create a future where confidence and empowerment are synonymous with womanhood.